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Here at M1 Fine Gardening & Organic Solutions, our mission is rooted in creating outdoor spaces free of pesticides with the intention to make you feel at peace in your backyard. We hold strict standards against any inorganic chemicals being used. The organic approach that we take is based on two principles safety and efficiency.

Safety: Limiting contact with chemicals that associated with health risks


Efficiency: An organic approach allows for better plant health while limiting the cost to the customer


At M1 there is no job too large or small we pride ourselves on being a versatile and approachable company with the customer at the forefront. We want people to dream big and get interested in ways to transform spaces into beautiful and beneficial environments. From small spaces tight spaces to large fields, we provide ideas and goals for how we can transform your space into something unique. 


Organic Solutions

  • Treatment of Plant Diseases 

  • Treatment of Harmful Insects

  • Mosquito Control

  • Deer and Rabbit Spray

  • Compost Tea 

Design and Installation

  • Meadow Design 

  • Native Plant Systems 

  • Rain Gardens

  • Cut-Flower Beds 

  • Raised Beds 

  • Perennial gardens 

Reoccurring Services

  • Routine Fine Gardening

  • Maintenance of Fruit Trees and Vegetables 

  • Pruning and Shearing of Ornamental trees and shrubs

  • Invasive Plant removal 

  • Soil mending 

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